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About US

Our Staff


Nine Lives Kitty Rescue, INC is an entirely volunteer-based organization.  Which includes both foster homes and Trap-Neuter-Return teams.

Foster Homes


It takes many caring volunteers to open their homes to provide temporary shelter for our kittens and cats while they are waiting for their new forever families.  Our foster homes give so much more than just shelter.  They provide time, love, and care to these kittens and cats who may otherwise be in harm's way on the street.

Adoption Services


We offer adoption services for both adult cats and kittens.  Through petstablished, Petfinder, and adoptapet, we showcase our adoptable cats and thoroughly screen each potential adopter to assure that each cat or kitten will go to a safe and loving home.

Trap-Neuter-Return Program

Trapping community cats, they are not socialized to humans and are rarely candidates for adoption.  Most animal shelters will immediately kill unsocialized cats that are received.  This ‘catch and kill’ approach is not only cruel but ineffective, because other cats will move in and begin the cycle all over again.


Trap-Neuter-Return is a program in which outdoor cats are humanely trapped and taken to a local veterinarian or clinic to be vaccinated and neutered. Cats who have undergone Trap-Neuter-Return may be identified by the removal of the tip of their left ear (called an “eartip”).  Socialized cats and kittens can be put up for adoption.


The practice of Trap-Neuter-Return ends the cycle of breeding and stops cat behaviors associated with mating, such as yowling and fighting.  These community cats can be found all over the United States, whether urban or rural.  Fortunately, many communities are replacing the failed ‘catch and kill’ approach toward these cats in favor of Trap-Neuter-Return, because it is the most effective and least expensive way to stabilize the population.

If you have stray cats that you need help with, reach out to us to see if we can help.  Please include location, approximately how many cats and if someone feeds regularly. Please note, we do not relocate cats and they must be returned after TNR.

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