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In an effort to save lives and lessen the euthanasia impact in our county, Nine Lives Kitty Rescue provides a rehabilitation and lifesaving program. Animals in this program are usually too young or too sick to survive in their current environment. Nine Lives Kitty Rescue takes these vulnerable animals and places them into a foster home until they are eligible for adoption.  All adoptable cats include spay/neuter, triple test (FIV, FELV, and Heartworm), rabies, microchip, dewormer, and up-to-date vaccinations.

  • Where can I see which animals are available for adoption?
    To view pictures and profiles of our animals you can view them here. We are also now partnered with Petsmart, and have a few cats available for adoption in their adoption center! Petsmart is located at: 849 E. 23rd St. Panama City, FL 32405 Please note that Petsmart employees do not process adoptions. You will need to contact us if interested in any of our cats. Our contact information and adoption application link is available in the store.
  • How do I apply to adopt one of your animals
    To apply for any one of the cats in our care, click here to fill out an application for review!
  • What is the cost to adopt an animal?
    Our adoption fee is $100.
  • What does your adoption fee include
    Our $100 adoption fee includes: Spay/neuter Rabies vaccine Microchip Distemper vaccine(s) Triple test (FIV, FELV, Heartworm) Dewormer Flea Treatment if needed
  • Where are you located?
    Since we are a foster based rescue, we do not have a physical location. All adoptable pets are located in private residences and require an application in order to arrange a meeting with any in our care. We also hold adoption events most Saturdays at Petsmart on 23rd St. You can see our event schedule on Facebook or contact us for information.
  • Can I reserve an animal before their application is open?
    Yes! If you are interested in any animal that is not of age or ready to be adopted just yet, email us at, contact us through our website or Facebook, and we will get the process started for you!
  • Can I meet the animal ahead of time?
    We require a completed application on file prior to scheduling a meet and greet! Filling out an application is not a commitment to that specific animal, but allows us to review your application prior to scheduling a meet and greet in order to save time. Our cats are in foster homes and have to coordinate meetings if you are unable to come to adoption events.
  • What do I need to have with me when picking up my animal?
    You will need to bring a cat carrier, and adoption fee if not already paid prior to your meet and greet! You can also purchase a carrier in the pet store if you are at an adoption event.
  • How do I get my medical records for an animal I adopted?
    Medical records will be sent to the email or address that we have on file from your application within 2 weeks after adoption.
  • What if I adopt an animal and it doesn't work out in my home?
    We will ALWAYS take our cats back regardless of how much time has passed. Contact us via email, Facebook or our website and we will coordinate the return.
  • If I decide to return my animal or change my mind prior to adoption pickup day, do you refund my money?"
    Refunds will be provided if the animal is returned within 14 days after adoption. After 14 days your adoption fee is non refundable. Please decide if you would like to adopt the animal prior to applying. If there are any issues with your adopted cat or kitten, please contact us so that we are aware and can help work toward any resolutions.
  • How do I get help with TNR or spay & neuter stray cats?
    If you need help with unfixed stray cats, please contact us via our website, Facebook or email us at Please include location and approximately how many cats and/or kittens in your message. Community cats are taken to be spayed on Monday and Tuesday at Operation Spay Bay and we must coordinate any TNR efforts.
  • How can I help your organization continue your TNR program?
    We are a non profit and run on donations so we can only help if funds are available. We are charged a minimum of $40 per cat and donations are appreciated and needed. $40 includes eartip, spay/neuter, distemper & rabies vaccines. Some cats need additional services or medicine and may have additional costs. We can accept donations via Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo, cash, check or credit card.
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